Sunday, May 2, 2010

Internal Conflict

I did it. All during April I avoided my phone like the plague while I was driving. I'll admit it, though. I messed up twice. Both phone calls were to my brother. Once just a few days after beginning the challenge. We were trying to meet up and the plans kept changing. My kids wouldn't relay the right info. Or any info, really. The second time I just forgot. It was just last week. I quickly ended our 30 second conversation as soon as I realized what I'd done.

I did NOT like going without my phone. It was a constant battle. I really thought that new habits are formed after 21 days. Well, I did that. More than that. And I have not broken this habit.

I watched Oprah's distracted driving show the other night. I'm having an internal conflict. YES, texting while driving puts everyone on the road in danger. But the phone? The phone holds the same distraction level as having a conversation with someone else in the car. So I shouldn't be talking to anyone in the car, too? The effort it takes to not talk in the car distracts me. More than just taking a call.

What really bothers me is that I won't sign Oprah's distracted driving pledge. Yes, I can sign that I won't text. No problem there. But talking on the phone is another matter entirely. That's a huge commitment. Is the attitude that "it can't happen to me" really so strong? In me? Just when I didn't think so, it is.

I'm feeling the urge to set up a driving course and test my ability to talk on the phone and drive.

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