Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Local Sighting

Monday, June 7, 2010
Southbound I-405
Unusual semi-truck sighting.

Super long and super narrow cargo.

Super cute little car attached to back wheels.

But what's he do back there?


  1. I saw another one of these on 405 yesterday...perhaps it's on it's way from Everett to Renton?

  2. What you are seeing is a tractor hauling a module. these are parts of wings. the "car" is a "steer car" it used because the length is to long, and the driver steers the trailer around. These set ups run from Fredrickson to Everett. it takes a team of three drivers pilot car, (to help the truck out, tractor driver, and steercar driver, or "tillerman." all three rotate from position to position. I hope this info has been helpful.

  3. Thank you Anonymous! The ones I saw were traveling away from Everett, so maybe going to the Fredrickson plant?


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