Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back Up Camera Blues

Back up cameras are fabulous tools if you use them. They should be used in conjunction with your other tools - like your sense of sight, motion, vibration, sound, etc.

Exhibit A: Check out this photo pair. The toy is behind the car and the back up camera sees it. If you look at the mirror then you see it, too. And when I say "you", I mean me. You I then get out of the car, move the toy and continue on your my way. End of story. Except it's not

Exhibit B:
One of these pedals is not like the other. 
One of these pedals is not the same...  

I have been using a back up camera for just over a year. And for the record, I mean "using" in a loose sense of the term. Meaning it's available for my use if I choose to look at it. I actually prefer to rely on what I can see by looking out the rear window rather than what the camera sees. In reality, I need to be combining what I see with what the camera sees...and since I have children and live in a neighborhood with other children then I need to also do a walk before moving the car. It's the only way to ensure clear passage. The first trike I hit last year had to be trashed. This time I only hit a pedal. Now that it's skewed, it's difficult to pedal without your foot falling off, which equates into some very interesting rides. 

Exhibit C: Rip Rider clearly behind the wheel of the car and totally invisible to the back up camera.

Lesson learned: Use all tools available. Camera + eyes/senses + proper event sequence = success backing.
Proper Event Sequence:
1. Load kids into car. 
2. Open garage door.
3. Driver walks around rear of car and gets in.

Improper sequence:
1. Load kids into car.
2. Driver gets in.
3. Open garage door.
4. Hit toy hiding from camera. 

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