Monday, April 4, 2011

"Concerned Motorist"

Dear Concerned Motorist,

Thank you for notifying the authorities about my alleged HOV infraction. They mailed me a pamphlet on how to use the carpool lane. I've always wondered what happens when someone calls the 1-800-HERO line. Now I know.

You must have been the lonely driver next to me...resenting the fact that I was passing you. Maybe you thought I was the type of person who throws caution to the wind and drives on the wild side. It's nice to be thought of that way, even if misguided. Ahhh, to be so young again!
I do have a question though, how did you miss my four children in the back?  Or did you think that they were part of my cover? It would have been a good idea, really. I should invest in blow up dolls to sit in my kids' car seats. I'd even turn on the rear entertainment system to complete the effect. Then I'd get all the benefits of the carpool lane without any of the back seat bickering that usually accompanies it. 
WSP HOV Infraction Notice
I wonder if the Washington State Patrol would facilitate mailing you a "not a ticket" infraction notice to get you to go to the optometrist? Like you, I am a concerned motorist. The WSP probably also has a brochure they could send you about the 20/40 vision requirement to drive legally...and perhaps they also have a brochure on tattling that they could throw in.

Maybe I'm being judgmental. I'm sure you thought you were doing the right thing.

(The lady with lots of kids and tinted windows.)


  1. Haha. That's funny. I'm always afraid somebody is not going to see Jackson's car seat and turn me in!

  2. Turns out they just mail you a brochure :o).

  3. So they didn't give you a ticket did they? Does this mean we can report anyone we don't like to the WSP? All we need is their license plate?

  4. Haha. At least it wasn't a ticket! You do have to wonder what was going on with the other "concerned" motorist, that s/he missed 4 children and a vehicle that screams "family-mobile." :o)

  5. No, it's not a ticket. Only law enforcement can issue a ticket (or camera can, too). I really start getting nervous with the automated ticketing machines though now that I have personal experience with how even a person "looking" into my vehicle can make a mistake.

    As a practical joke, it'd be funny (and a waste of taxpayer resources) to call in a friend's plate.

    If single motorists driving in the HOV lane is such a big problem (I've only seen a handful of violations...but I could have been wrong) and they are inhibiting the flow of traffic, then there should be more patrols out catching violators.

  6. I only use the freeway if my kids are with me. There is NO WAY I would sit in regular traffic.

  7. I got pulled over one time when my kids were little because the officer thought they weren't wearing their seat belts (of course, they were). The officer was so rude!
    But, when Jenny was still car seat age, she would contort her body so that she could slide right out. I'd look behind me and she'd be standing right there smiling at me. Of course, car seats are so much better now then they were back in the old days.


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