Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Local Memorials Company,

The other day when I drove by your store front, your sign caught my eye. It read,


Seeing as you are in the business of making grave markers and monuments, I actually got a good laugh after reading your sign. Was it a little tacky? Yes. But, was it still funny? Absolutely. I have probably driven past your business hundreds of times and never even noticed that you were there until I read that sign.

I thought that a picture of your sign would make a great blog post, so I drove over to your business the other day to get a picture. I was slightly disappointed to see that you had changed your sign to this:

It seems that you have decided to drop the sarcasm and be a little more genuine and sensitive. I already know not to text and drive. I like the old sign better.


Ammused by your old sign, not so much by your new one


  1. Aww. I liked the old version better, too. FYI: this is a fantastic company which does great work. They did the headstone for my son. I'm glad he didn't die because of a texter...if he had, I probably wouldn't have found the first version nearly as funny.

    Did you hear about the new cemetery in town? People are just dying to get in there.


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