Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 Minutes Early - Week Two

Good news! Being ten minutes early to just one appointment each day has been much more manageable for me and I've been successful with it. If I miss getting to Point A on time then I work harder to get to Point B early. I will admit though that I got to Point C one evening ten minutes early and there were only 4 cars in the parking lot. I didn't go in at first because I thought I might have gotten the meeting place wrong. Turns out it was the right place...just a crazy night for the many who came late.

I'm now halfway through Week Three of my challenge. This month is going by quite fast, but I'm not sure how effective it's been for me to make this smal change in my life permanent. I haven't had any practice this week getting anywhere, let alone being punctual. It's been snowing and roads have been lousy for the past 4 days. We haven't driven anywhere. On the bright side, this photo is the view from my back yard. I love it.

Some of you may want to make a comment about Seattlites being afraid to drive in the snow. Don't. Remember that where you come from the snow is fluffy and powdery. Not wet. Not icy. And most importantly, your a city or state probably wisely invested in snow plows, road de-icer and sand.

There. I said it. We don't invest in snow removal like other places. And no, I don't want to drive next to inexperienced snow drivers who don't have four wheel drive and leave their cars at the bottom of hills they can't get up. These are the drivers that slide into traffic and wreak havoc. No way do I want to drive with them. We're staying home. It's a snow day.

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  1. Beautiful article written about Seattle snow driving today: Well said.


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