Friday, March 16, 2012

Ridiculous Road Sign

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Have you ever seen a such a ridiculous road sign in your life? I haven't. I think this one takes the cake. According to this article on The Blaze, this Michigan sign has sparked a little controversy and I can see why. You would have to stop just to read the sign safely, then check your clock to see which speed limit applies.

I assume that the purpose of the reduced speed limit during those specific times is to protect children, but I'm guessing that the distraction this sign causes to drivers actually puts the children in more danger.

One driver even says that he's thinking of printing out the speeds and attaching them to his dashboard. Ha!


  1. Once you master the times when kids are out of class (the dash board reminder might be just the ticket), allow 10 minutes less time during those gaps just because your clock or the school's clock might be a few minutes off.

    "Just the ticket," ha ha. To avoid the ticket, just don't go faster than 25mph during school days.

  2. simple solutions is to don't go faster than 25Mph during school working hours, keeping the minute to minute time will distract the user.


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