Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The New Rule

When we took our stuff out of our old family car last summer, we didn't bother to shovel out the cracker crumbs or black banana peels. We just left it in all it's glory at the dealership and drove home in our very first brand new car. It was spotless. And to keep it that way, we created a new rule: no eating in the car. It seemed simple enough that even my boys (ages 5, 4, and 3 at the time) could follow it. My youngest child however, little Jocelyn, at one year of age had different plans. She was the single most contributing factor that led to the demise
of the new rule. When she was hungry, she let everyone know it. Loudly. It started out innocently enough. I gave her one cracker. Sometimes, I would sneak one in for me. It wasn't really a problem until the boys started demanding to eat whatever Jocelyn had. Sometimes, they even caught me. They promised to be good. No mess. They'd pack out their own garbage. Ha ha ha.

The problem continued escalate. My boys would get in the car after school and dump out everything in their back packs. I just found several St. Patrick's day projects...and it's the middle of April. What I don't get is the wrappers! How did they get so much candy? Was this from Easter? Birthday parties? Valentine's Day? Seriously. Yesterday, I pulled out 7 socks and 2 pair of underwear. Uh, guys? Didn't you notice a breeze? Today I removed 3 blankets and the same number of curdled milk sippy cups.

So when a blogger friend Andrea posted about making this garbage bag for her car (instructions here), I got excited and decided that I need to make some, too. I'm pretty sure this would help curb our trash woes. Notice the opening is always open. Eh hem. Boys, there will be no excuses for littering anymore. This little bag is ready and willing to eat all of your garbage. And I don't think litter bags can get any more stylish.

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